What is Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch and Its Applications

Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch, are modified starch types that have been used in different industry, from food to non-food ones, thanks to its great ability to dissolve in cold water. This significant feature benefits manufacturers a lot. This article will explain more about Pregelatinized tapioca starches and introduce their applications in various industries.  


What is Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch?  

Pregelatinized starches are starch products that have undergone a specific manufacturing process. Initially, the starch is cooked, and then it is dried using methods such as a starch mill on a drum dryer or in an extruder. Following this drying process, the starch is finely ground into a powder form. This preparation method alters the starch's molecular structure, allowing it to dissolve more readily in cold water and thicken liquids without requiring heat for gelatinization. Pregelatinized starches are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications due to their convenience and versatility in formulations.  

The pre-gelatinization process involves heating and drying starch to modify its structure, enabling it to form a gel in cold water. This process can apply to both native and modified starches to provide viscosity to food products without requiring cooking or exposure to high temperatures. As a result, food manufacturers can incorporate pre-gelatinized starch directly into formulations without the need for pre-cooking.

Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch Kraft bag
Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch (Alpha Tapioca Starch) Kraft bag by Viego Global


Pregelatinized Cassava Starch Characteristics  

To produce pregelatinized starch, the starch undergoes gelatinization, where molecular bonds within the starch break down in the presence of water and heat. Pregelatinized starch product line exhibit several distinctive properties:

Ÿ Low Gelatinization Temperature: Alpha starch has a low gelatinization temperature, typically soluble in water at temperatures between 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. This characteristic allows it to dissolve readily in cold water.

Ÿ Lower Viscosity: Alpha starch generally exhibits lower viscosity compared to other modified starch types.

Ÿ Water Absorption: It absorbs water quickly, aiding in digestion, which makes it suitable for use as a disintegrant in pharmaceutical and food applications.

Ÿ Flow Improvement: Pregelatinized starch improves the flow characteristics of powdered mixtures and requires minimal lubricant.

Ÿ Compatibility: Pregelatinized starches are compatible with a wide range of active ingredients and additives used in various formulations.

Overall, this pregelatinized products line  offers unique properties that make it versatile and valuable in applications requiring cold water solubility, rapid water absorption, and compatibility with other ingredients. Its ease of use and functionality contribute to its widespread use across different industries.

 Pregelatinized Tapioca Starch
Pregelatinization can be applied to both native and modified tapioca starch


Applications of Pregelatinized Starch  

Pregelatinized starch is widely used in various aspects of our daily lives, including in food products, cosmetics, and food production industries. As pregelatinization can be applied to both native and modified starches, making the starch become morre applicable in various industries.

Food Industry

  • Pregelatinized starch serves as a thickener or stabilizer in a wide range of food products, including puddings, soup mixes, candy, baby foods, cakes, confectionery, desserts, milk drinks, frozen foods, functional drinks, powdered foods, sauces, and beverages. It helps improve texture, stability, and mouthfeel in these food items.

Cosmetic Industry:

  • In cosmetics, pregelatinized starch, particularly alpha starch, is used as an additive ingredient. It functions as a capsule diluent, binder, and water-absorbing agent, contributing to the proper dissolution and performance of cosmetic products such as tablets and powders.

Food Production Industry:

  • Pregelatinized starch is utilized in the food production industry, especially in animal feed and aquatic feed. It is easily soluble in water and quickly absorbed, making it an effective thickener and binder in feed formulations. This helps enhance the texture and nutritional delivery of animal and aquatic feed products.

Overall, pregelatinized starch's versatile properties and ease of use make it a valuable ingredient across multiple industries, contributing to improved product quality, functionality, and performance in various applications.

Pregelatinized starch for Food
Pregelatinized tapioca starches can be used in different food

Alpha Starch for Charcoal Briquettes  

Alpha tapioca starch is characterized by a neutral taste and aroma, ensuring it does not alter the natural characteristics of charcoal. To produce pregelatinized tapioca starch, tapioca starch undergoes cooking followed by drying to remove moisture. The resulting cooked starch is finely ground into a powder, making it easy to mix and use as a binder in charcoal briquette production.

Pregelatinized tapioca starch (Alpha starch) by Viego Global

Vietnamese pregelatinized tapioca starch is particularly well-suited for charcoal briquette production due to its beneficial properties. Firstly, tapioca starch effectively reduces smoke emissions during burning, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. Additionally, when used as a binder, tapioca starch significantly reduces the ignition time of briquettes, making them easier and quicker to light. Moreover, tapioca starch's binding properties contribute to an extended burning duration, ensuring a longer-lasting heat source. Another advantage is that tapioca starch allows charcoal briquettes to achieve maximum temperatures suitable for cooking and heating applications. Furthermore, the affordability and widespread availability of tapioca starch make it a cost-effective choice for bulk buyers.

Alpha Starch for Charcoal Briquettes Production

Pregelatinized Starch for Coating Peanut     

Pregelatinized E1422 tapioca starch is a beneficial component used in the peanut coating process. This starch, which has been cooked and dried, possesses exceptional water absorption and rapid solubility, making it highly convenient for creating instant coatings without the need for additional heating or cooking.

Pregelatinized Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422 Tapioca starch by Viego Global

Beyond its convenience, this starch enhances the stability and durability of the coating, preventing cracking or flaking during storage and transportation. Additionally, it contributes to reducing the required amounts of oil and sugar. This reduction leads to a coating with lower calorie and fat content, promoting a healthier option for consumers. Overall, pregelatinized E1422 tapioca starch plays a pivotal role in optimizing the quality and nutritional profile of peanut coatings.

Pregelatinized E1422 Tapioca Starch for Coating Peanut

B Sky - Be Your Tapioca Starch Solutions

Viego Global provides international customers with quality Vietnam pregelatinized tapioca starch lines at affordable prices under our B SKYbrand. Based on the core values of transparency, trust and results-orientation, we aim to meet customers' needs from bulk service to OEM service, establishing long-term partnerships and effective granulated tapioca starch trade cooperation.

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