What is Granulated Tapioca Starch and Its Function

Granulated tapioca starch is one of cassava products widely used in food industry, especially for fried dishes. Being different with the fine-powder form of tapioca starch, tapioca granules is produced with bigger mesh, making it size larger. Jump in this article to know more this coarse starch from Vietnam and understand why it is such a great food ingredient.


What is Granulated Tapioca Starch?

Tapioca granules Definition

Granulated tapioca starch, also known as tapioca granules or tapioca coarse, is a form of tapioca starch that has been processed into small, bead-like granules. These granules are typically larger in size compared to normal tapioca starch and are commonly used in various culinary applications.

Granulated tapioca starch is often used as a thickening agent in cooking and baking. When added to liquids and heated, the starch granules swell and absorb moisture, thickening the mixture to create a smooth consistency. 

Granulated tapioca starch is also known as tapioca granules or tapioca coarse


How to produce Granulated Tapioca Starch

Physical modification is employed as a technique for generating starch granules. Native tapioca starch undergoes pressing and compression processes to yield starch granules with larger mesh sizes. The production of these granules can be tailored to meet diverse consumer preferences by offering various mesh sizes.


Tapioca granules specification

  • Starch content: 85PCT Min

  • Moisture: 13.0PCT Max

  • Whiteness: 90PCT Min

  • SO2 Content: 30Mg/Kg Max

  • Partical size: 1.5 - 2.0Mm

  • pH: 5-7


Tapioca Coarse Starch Function

While it's possible to fry food directly in hot oil, such as skin-on chicken pieces, it's common practice to coat the food in starch granules beforehand. These coatings offer several advantages: they protect the food from moisture loss, provide a buffer against direct contact with the hot frying oil for more controlled cooking. Not only avoid the strong interaction between food and hot oil, this coarse starch importantly results in exceptionally crispy textures when fried.

Fried chicken with cassava coarse starch




Why should you choose Granulated Tapioca Starch from Vietnam

There are several reasons for why Vietnam is an ideal choice for your source of Tapioca granules:

  • Vietnam is one of countries with highest production of cassava roots, which is the raw material of cassava starch.

  • The country has many tapioca starch manufacturers with industrial scale which help it give a big volume of starch.

  • Tapioca starch manufacturers in Vietnam employed modern machines in their production, ensuring that tapioca granules commit quality before exporting to customers.


B Sky - Be Your Tapioca Starch Solutions

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