E1412 - Distarch Phosphate

Distarch Phosphate Tapioca starch (E1412) is made by cross-linking method with either sodium trimetaphosphate or phosphorus oxychloride. This modified starch is modified from native tapioca starch. This modified tapioca starch has been chemically treated to improve its properties for various food applications.

HS Code: 350510
Net weight: 25/50kg PP/Kraft bag (55.1/110.2 lbs)


Functional uses

  • Thickener, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier
  • E1412 Distarch Phosphate has excellent resistance to high heat, mechanical shear, and low pH.



Distarch Phosphate E1412 mainly used in food industry:

  • Soup & Sauces (Chili, Ketchup,…)
  • Canned food (Meat, Fish,…)
  • Cheese types
  • Frozen products (Sausage, Meat/Fish ball,…)


Test Report

Clostridium perfringens<10 CFU/g
Starch content91.1%
Total ash content0.14%
Crude fiber contentNot detected
Particle size through 150um99.5%
SO2Not detected
Viscosity902 BU