Oxidised Tapioca Starch For Paper and Board: A Great Bonding Solution

Which tapioca starch for paper industry is the questions that has received many concerns from world market. Not only are Native and Cationic Tapioca starch popular in paper industry, Oxidised E1404 Tapioca base starch is also used widely. Read on this article to find out more about this starch.

Tapioca starch for paper and board industry
Tapioca starch is widely used in paper industry


Oxidised Tapioca starch for Paper - E1404

What is Oxidised Tapioca Starch E1404?

Oxidized starch E1404 with tapioca base, is a modified starch produced through the treatment of native tapioca starch with oxidizing agents.. This process alters the starch's properties, enhancing its functionality and making it suitable for various industrial applications, particularly in the food and paper industries.

E1404 in kraft paper bag
E1404 in Kraft paper bag. Source: Viego Global


Characteristics of Oxidized Tapioca Starch For Paper and Board

Oxidised Tapioca Starch E1404 have characteristics as followings:

  • Adhesive Preparation: It can be prepared at room temperature with a short preparation time, ensuring stable and durable adhesion.
  • Starch Paste Stability: The paste exhibits high stability, resists degradation, and maintains good fluidity.
  • Fast Drying: The adhesive dries quickly (within 10 to 20 minutes) and has a short adhesive waiting time (5 to 15 seconds), making it suitable for devices with varying rotation speeds, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor.
  • Strong Adhesion: The adhesive properties result in hard paper tubes with excellent compression resistance and good water resistance.
  • Environmental Protection (ECO): The product is safe for prolonged exposure and is manufactured according to the company’s environmental standards, posing no harm to health.
  • Convenience: It can be used directly at temperatures ranging from 10℃ to 40℃.


Applications of Oxidised Tapioca starch for Paper and Board 

1. Adhesive in Cardboard Production: Utilized as a strong adhesive to bond layers in the production of cardboard, enhancing strength and durability.

2. Product Labels: Applied in the attachment of labels to various products, ensuring they remain securely affixed.

3. Paper Tubes and Rolls: Essential in the manufacture of paper tubes, paper rolls, and corner protectors, providing necessary structural integrity.

4. Paper Lining Sheets and Honeycomb Cores: Used in the production of paper lining sheets, honeycomb paper cores, and paper pallets, contributing to their stability and load-bearing capacity.

5. Cartons and Paper Boxes: Employed in the creation of cartons, paper boxes, and mounting paper, ensuring robust and reliable packaging solutions.

Oxidised Starch For Paper and Board
Oxidised Starch For Paper and Board

B Sky - Be Your Tapioca Starch Solutions    

Viego Global provides international customers with quality Vietnam tapioca starch for paper lines at affordable prices under our B SKYbrand. Based on the core values of transparency, trust and results-orientation, we aim to meet customers' needs from bulk service to OEM service, establishing long-term partnerships and effective Tapioca Starch for Paper trade cooperation.    

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