Vietnam Modified Tapioca Starch for Gummy Candy

Modified Tapioca Starch for Gummy Candy has been received a great attention from confectionary industry. The modified starch improves the overall quality of gummy sweets. This article will introduce Vietnam Modified Tapioca Starch that can be used for this product.


What is Modified Tapioca starch?

Tapioca starch modification involves altering the properties of native tapioca starch through physical, chemical, or enzymatic processes. These modifications are carried out to enhance the starch's functionality, enabling it to perform effectively under various processing and storage conditions, such as high heat, high shear, low pH, freezing, and cooling. Modified tapioca starch serves as a thickening agent, stabilizer, or emulsifier in various applications.

Modified Tapioca Starch
Native tapioca starch can be modified in chemical or physical method to improve its functions


Which Modified Tapioca starch For Gummy Candy?

What is Distarch Phosphate E1412

Modified tapioca starch E1412 is produced using cross-linking to adjust texture, provide heat, acid, and tolerance. Cross-linking can be viewed as spot welding of small particles anywhere, further strengthening the hydrogen bonds and preventing the small particles from swelling.

Distarch Phosphate E1412 for Gummy Candy Production

The cross-linking treatment increases the strength of relatively soft starches, so when the paste is cooked, it becomes more viscous, firm, and does not break during prolonged cooking, in the presence of acid, or when subjected to vigorous agitation during the manufacturing process.

This type of starch also has suitable applications in low pH, high temperature processing, and mechanical shearing.


Why Use E1412 Distarch Phosphate Modified Tapioca Starch for Gummy Candy

  • It increases the viscosity of the starch when cooked, making the starch paste more viscous and smooth.
  • The product structure is more robust, less likely to be damaged or broken during prolonged cooking, in acidic environments, or when subjected to vigorous stirring.
  • The final product is less likely to crumble or break when cut.
  • Limits the swelling of starch granules when cooked and prevents water leakage.
  • E1412 starch can be used in low pH and high-temperature processing.
  • Distarch Phosphate is used as a thickener in products or a stabilizer in gummy candies.
E1412 Distarch Phosphate is used for Gummy Candy
E1412 Distarch Phosphate is used for Gummy Candy


B Sky - Be Your Tapioca Starch Solutions

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