Modified Starch For Tapioca Boba Pearls: Acetylated Starch Tapioca Base E1420

Modified starch for tapioca boba pearls is a type of starch that has been chemically modified to improve its properties. Modified tapioca starch helps to improve the final product's texture to be more desirable, chewier, softer and more elastic. Besides that, it helps reduce the cooking time and provides excellent freeze-thaw stability.

What is Modified Tapioca Starch E1420

Acetylated Starch (E1420) or Starch Acetate (INS1420) is a modified form of tapioca starch obtained by esterifying native cassava starch with acetic anhydride or vinyl acetate. During this process, hydroxyl groups on the starch molecules are substituted with acetyl esters. This modification enhances the starch's properties, making it more stable and resistant to breakdown during food processing.

Acetylated starch (E1420) is widely used as a food additive due to its versatility and functional benefits. It can be used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, or texturizer in various food products, including sauces, dressings, desserts, and processed meats. The acetylation process improves the starch's tolerance to heat, acid, and shear, making it suitable for a wide range of food applications where stability and consistency are important factors.

Overall, acetylated starch (E1420) is a valuable modified tapioca starch form that contributes to the quality, texture, and shelf stability of many food products in the food industry. Its use as a food additive helps enhance food formulation and processing while meeting consumer demands for high-quality and stable food products.

Acetylated Starch E1420 Tapioca Base. Source: Viego Global


Acetylated Starch Characteristics

This description highlights the unique properties of certain modified starches, such as tapioca starch, in food applications:

Low Gelatinization Temperature: Modified starches like tapioca starch have a low gelatinization temperature, meaning they can thicken and form a gel at relatively lower temperatures compared to native starches. This property is advantageous in food processing, allowing for quick thickening and texture development without prolonged heating.

Resistant to High Temperatures and Shear Stress: Modified starches exhibit increased resistance to heat and mechanical shear stress, making them suitable for applications where prolonged cooking or intense mixing is involved. They maintain their thickening and stabilizing properties under challenging processing conditions.

Stable When Thawed: Modified starches, including tapioca starch, maintain their structure and functionality even after freezing and thawing. This stability is important in frozen food products, ensuring consistent texture and quality upon thawing.

Retention of Freshness: Certain modified starches help retain moisture and freshness in food products, contributing to extended shelf life and improved sensory characteristics over time.

In summary, modified starches with these specific attributes play a crucial role in food manufacturing, offering enhanced functionality, stability, and quality in a wide range of food products, including sauces, soups, baked goods, frozen desserts, and more.

Why should you use Modified Starch for Tapioca Boba Pearls

Modified cassava starch E1420 brings the following benefits: easy to shape and uniform in size, smooth surface, difficult to degenerate when stored for a long time, good water retention, difficult to dry, stable when stored. Good for freezing, feels slippery when eating, fragrant, high elasticity, chewy, difficult to stick to teeth when biting.

Tapioca Pearls
Modified Tapioca Starch can be used in Pearl Production


How to make Tapioca Boba Pearls

Modified starch for tapioca boba pearls
How to make Boba pearls with Modified tapioca starch

Describe instructions for processing tapioca pearls using a specific powdered product:

1. This product can be added directly to 25% ~ 45% hot water (50°C ~ 60°C) and mixed thoroughly until it forms a solid block, which is then processed in a machine to produce particles of the desired size. These particles are boiled for a specified duration and then rinsed in cold water to obtain the finished tapioca pearls.

2. When using this product for tapioca pearl processing, food additives can be incorporated to achieve desired color, flavor, and shelf life. 

The recommended dosage of this powder is specifically tailored for processing tapioca pearls and Acetylated starch E1420 can be used independently without the need for additional powders.


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