E1420 - Acetylated Starch

Acetylated Starch (E1420) or Starch Acetate (INS1420) is modified tapioca starch form obtained by esterification of native cassava starch with acetic anhydride or vinyl acetate. The esterification/acetylation results in substitution of hydroxyl groups with acetyl esters. It is commonly used as a food additive.


HS Code: 350510
Net weight: 25/55kg PP/Kraft bag (55.1/110.2 lbs)


Functional uses

Acetylated starch (E1420) has the following properties:

  • Prevent the decrease in thickening, gelling, and water leakage.
  • Improve stability during the freezing-thawing process, promote solubility, and enhance water retention.
  • Lower the gelatinization temperature of starch.
  • Increase viscosity and transparency to improve the surface of the product.



Instant noodles, Vermicelli, Frozen foods (cake, spring rolls…), Ice cream, Ricepaper, Dumplings, Dairy products (yoghurt,…)



AppearanceWhite powder
Starch content85.0% Min
Moisture13.0% Max
pH5.00 - 7.00
Viscosity700 BU Min
SO230ppm Max
Ash0.2 Max
Whiteness90.0 Min
Fineness (100 mesh)99.0 Min
D.S0.015 - 0.020